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Rome, IT
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rome Images and stories

Villa Torlonia in Rome

Between 1802 and 1806 Valadier turned the main building into a palace, and transformed other buildings. He also laid out the park with symmetrical avenues around the palace. Numerous works of classical art, many of which were sculptures, were purchased to furnish the palace. Following the death of Giovanni, Alessandro commissioned the painter and architect Giovanni Battisti Caretti in...

Porta Portese market in Rome

This is the main flea market in Rome held at the back of Trastevere quarter. Here you'lll find a bit of everything (including the occasional stolen item), though you wont't find a real bargain.  With thousands of stalls selling almost every item imaginable, it presents shoppers with the challenge of finding what they’re looking for as well as finding the...

Bar del Fico in Rome

A new concept has been developed in one of the historic venues oìin the heart of Rome. Cosmopolitan and international, a bit rétro and always welcoming, it is an ideal place for meetings and meals... (Website http://www.bardelfico.com/en/) Named after the ancient fig tree outside, this hipster hangout near the beautiful Santa Maria della Pace church is very popular with chess players...

Trastevere neighborhood

Trastevere  is the 13th rione of Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber. Trastevere is one of the prettiest neighbourhoods in Rome with its narrow cobblestone streets, colourful buildings dripping with ivy, and balconies enlivened with geraniums. Nowadays, Trastevere maintains its character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by ancient houses. At night, natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants, but...

The church of San Cosimato in Rome

The church of San Cosimato was originally built in the 10th century in the Trastevere rione. Originally, it was built as a Benedictine monastery dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian, from whom it derives its name, and it carried the added designation of in mica aurea (“in the golden sand”) due to the presence of fluvial sand of yellowish...

The Galleria in Piazza Colonna in Rome

A shrine to Industry and Commerce: this is how the people of Rome envisaged the Galleria in Piazza Colonna when it was inaugurated in October 1922, with its shops and bank branches there in, completed after years of work. With its majestic presence on via del Corso, Galleria Colonna represented the inauguration of a building of huge dimensions, multifunctional in its purpose since...