19 August 2018, Event Wine festival: sellers of Verdicchio wine, typical of the area in the medieval village of Staffolo in the Province of Ancona. Marche region, central Italy

19 August 2018, Wine festival in medieval village of Staffolo in the Province of Ancona. Marche region, central Italy

Most likely Staffolo name comes to the country from the Lombard “staffal” indicating originally “pole” and also used to mean “border post” or “stone”. On this track it is not unreasonable to assume that Stafford is probably built on an old village (vicus) Roman, a kind of military garrison.

The Middle Ages saw Stafford free city, and twice had to submit to Jesi, convinced by the strength of the opponents.

Medieval walls with the original layout and the two gates of Porta Venezia and Porta San Martino.
Church of Sant’Egidio dedicated to the Patron of the town, preserves an altarpiece of the so-called Master of Staffolo and a dais school Lotto.
St. Francis Church (XII century) the recent appearance is due to remodeling of 1700. Inside four valuable paintings, a Callido organ and a wooden choir.

Verdicchio Wine

Verdicchio is a white wine grape variety that has been cultivated for hundreds of years in the Marche region of central Italy. It is a versatile variety, used both for light, easy-drinking table wines, and for more complex, ageworthy examples. It is commonly lauded by critics as being one of Italy’s best white wine grape varieties, and is found in vineyards across the country.

The use of Verdicchio has been documented in the Marche since the 14th Century, but there is suggestion that the variety could have originated in Veneto, where it is known as Trebbiano di Soave. Historians believe that Venetians migrated to the Marche area after the plague, bringing animals and plants, and it is thought that Verdicchio was among these. The variety adapted well to Marche’s terroir and, nowadays, Verdicchio’s spiritual home is in the hills along the Adriatic coast.

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