Offida is a comune in the Province of Ascoli Piceno in the Italian region Marche. 
A new DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) wine, named Offida, has recently been approved; it’s got to be added to the former and well- known three DOC wines. The Piceno wine reality is based on one DOCG – “Offida” characterized by three typologies, Pecorino, Passerina and Offida Rosso, and three DOCs, Rosso Piceno, Falerio and Terre di Offida.

Offida wine history came to a fundamental turning point on 30th May 1999 with the opening of the Enoteca Regionale of the Marches (Regional Wine Shop and Tasting Room), currently the only one recognized by the Region, located inside the ex convent of St. Francis.

Ciù Ciù wines
Ciù Ciù wines are the authentic expression of the company’s commitment and tradition, the result of research and quality in both the vineyard and in the cellar, but also of a natural wine-growing ecosystem of quality with a “terroir” (microclimate, soil and subsoil) that is unique and irreplaceable. In the farm, even if it is a family run business, works a technical group which aim is to restore the wine and oenology inheritance of the wines of Region Marche. The scrupulous care and growing systems of the vineyards, have brought the wines Ciù Ciù to quality range that made them famous in the national and international market.

In the centre of Offida there is a place where visitors can sample the tradition of wines from the Marche region. The hospitable and elegant Ciù Ciù showroom is open to anyone wishing to embark upon a tasteful experience such as this: the red and white organic wines are matched with samplings of products typical of the Marche tradition, bringing out the best in them and offering an explosion of taste in perfect harmony. If you want to live this experience, book your tasting.

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