Montefalco was already an important municipality in Roman times due to its dominant position above the valley connecting Spoleto and Perugia in centrale Italy.
The historic palace, Santi Gentili, is the headquarters of the Centro Nazionale Vini Passiti, National Sweet Wines Centre, set up by the Municipal Council of Montefalco in 1991.

Sagrantino PDO and Rosso di Montefalco

Montefalco takes its name from the passion for falcon hunting of Frederic II who spent an entire year here in 1249. This is the land of sagrantino, an ancient varietal in its land of birth. From the Latin sacer, a sacred wine for the celebrations of Christian tradition that marked the rhythm of rural life, it was originally consumed in the passita style. Around the middle of the last century it was made into wine and bottled in the dry style.

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