A shrine to Industry and Commerce: this is how the people of Rome envisaged the Galleria in Piazza Colonna when it was inaugurated in October 1922, with its shops and bank branches therein, completed after years of work. With its majestic presence on via del Corso, Galleria Colonna represented the inauguration of a building of huge dimensions, multifunctional in its purpose since it was intended both for office use and retail purposes, built after an intense debate, which started during the very first years of Rome as capital, and in pursuance of a project of exceptional ambition.
The substantial market target, the continuous presence of tourists, the artistic and historical background of the building, contribute to making the Galleria a privileged place, not only for commercial purposes but also as a location for organizing various exhibitions and cultural events. It is in view of this that Sorgente Group thought of dedicating a part of the internal  spaces within the Galleria to photographic exhibitions, on a permanent basis, and in adherence to the Romaexhibit protocol, promoted by the Cultural Policies Office of the Historic Centre of Rome.
source and more information: http://galleriaalbertosordi.it

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